Our Best Features

Peakbagging tracking with a twist

Whether you hike five times a year or every weekend, Hikr allows you to sense the feeling of achievement as you progress towards list completion.

Automated PDF export: No more filling out checklists by hand.

Filtering for common goals in your hiking group

Quick mountain facts in an easily readable form

Our Goal

How to achieve your peak bagging goals?

Step 1

Decide on your next goal

Whether you want to track one checklist or many, Hikr is your best companion. We don’t judge how long it takes or how many times you’ve hiked your favorite. Hikr has its roots in the mountains of New Hampshire and our lists are focused on the North East. If your geographic area is not covered, please let us know and we will be happy to add it. We love all mountains everywhere.

Step 2

Start tracking

No goal is meaningful unless you make real, measurable progress towards it. Track your peaks and get the satisfaction of progressive achievement. Want to see what’s left? Check! Want to see who in your group of hikers might want to peak bag that legendary mountain with a long approach, no views, during an overcast, gloomy and rainy day? Check! Working on multiple overlapping lists? Check! With a goal and a way to track it, nothing can stand between you and the collectible patch.

Step 3

Export your list

There is no better feeling than clicking a single button and getting a pixel perfect export of your ascents on the official document. We made Hikr because we did not want to spend hours figuring out what mountain we hiked on which day. Our app saves you both time and needing to decipher terrible handwriting. We know people that thought they were done only to discover that they missed one (Oops!). Whether you want to become a member of a specific mountain club or simply want to sew that patch on your backpack… Know that with Hikr, it is as easy as it could possibly be.


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